Vinyl Tile Flooring Structure

What makes the vinyl tile flooring is the best choice for your purposes? The quality vinyl flooring will depend on the specification of the products. Vinyl tiles flooring layered with special UV coating and other layers. It has elegant natural patterns and colours, high durability, sound absorption, environmental-friendly, and dimensional stability. Therefore, it is so easy to install and maintained. This product is also suitable for commercial spaces like retails stores, coffee shops or boutiques. It looks elegant at hotels, resorts, and health spa. Also comfortable at our residential area in living, dining, and bedrooms. Six main factors contribute to the quality vinyl flooring such as:

1. UV Coating (The UV coating is the first layer to protect the surface of the vinyl tile flooring from damage and fading.)

2. Wear Layer (The second layer has strong wear layer to guarantee wear-resistant function and to protect print film.)

3. Print film (Fashionable printing layer with beautiful design offers you different choice for your vinyl tile flooring.)


4. Fibreglass (It is to ensure stable quality and to avoid the shrinkage or warpage caused by the low and high temperature.)


5. Middle or Base Layer (It added guarantee for your high-quality vinyl flooring with stable size.)

6. Balance layer (The balance layer is to stabilise the expansion and shrinkage of the vinyl tile flooring product)