Hybrid G-7 Vinyl Tile Flooring

Choosing the right material flooring can be crucial. For most of the people, ceramic tiles or marble is a heavy duty material and long-lasting. However, if you are looking for a quiet, soft, and comfort under the foot while walking and doing house chores, vinyl tile flooring is the perfect selection. In fact, it can be installed anywhere either in the bathroom, wet kitchen, or laundry room and easily to clean it.

Vinyl tile flooring can be versatile and stylish with the variety of wood colours. It has strong wear resistance, and the life span of the quality vinyl flooring can be used up to 20 years for the household or up to ten years for commercial purposes. The wear layer on PVC floor is superior to a thin transparent film on laminated wood planks or a layer of glaze on ceramic tile.

It is also a waterproof, anti-slip and fire resistant materials. Its emulation wood surface won’t be slippery because the product has a high-density structure, keeping the older and children safe. From the fire test, the product will guarantee the safety of your life. Easy to conduct the heat which is different from the cold feel of stone materials and ceramic tiles.

When the ground is flat, the vinyl tile flooring can be installed directly without adding any cement sand or other materials. The materials of the product are safe and environmental-friendly. It does not harm to the environment and human body which is free from radioactive elements and formaldehyde.